Product #FF379

Add a distinctive, nostalgic look to your 379 Peterbilt with W.T.I.'s Classic Front Fenders. The fenders have been created to close in the wheel opening and the flowing rear tail gives your 379 Peterbilt the "50's" look.

The hand fabricated fiberglass fenders are exclusively designed to fit the 379 Peterbilt with the extended hood.

In addition to the good looks, we use double wall construction so the finish is fully protected from road hazards. No special mounting brackets are required and can be installed in minutes.


  • Double wall contruction, no fender liners are needed
  • Classic wing in rear with mud flap bracket attached.
    All you need is to add your flap.
  • A "handle" was created for easy lifting of your hood.
  • Turn signals can be mounted on the top or lower side of the fender


Call for pricing & prices are subject to change - US Dollars
Peterbilt Front Fenders (set)
Installation in Kentland, IN
Paint price varies by color
Recommended 5th Wheel Height for all W.T.I. Fenders
(measure from ground to top of fifth wheel)
22.5 low pro tires 48"
22.5 standard tires 49"
24.5 low pro tires 49"
24.5 tall rubber 51"
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