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Full Fenders with an additional 2" are longer than the original fenders for trucks with 24.5" tall rubber and trucks with a 54" spread.

W.T.I. 's full fiberglass fenders are just what you need to add the finishing touch to your truck or trailer. Our fenders are hand fabricated using the highest quality fiberglass materials for long lasting durability.

The Full Fiberglass Fenders is the first product W.T.I. introduced. The fender you see today is actually the second generation of fender. The second generation fender was designed from the ground up, not a copy of any other fender.

When designing and engineering this fender many things were taken into consideration.

  • First and foremost, looks. We wanted a fender that looked good yet is functional.
  • A fender and bracket design that would fit most makes and models of trucks on the road today.
  • Also, a fender that is durable and if damaged, easily fixable.

The WTI Full Fenders drop down and roll around farther on the tire. This helps to keep road spray and debris from flying off your tires and hitting your truck or other traffic on the road.

We use a special core material for added strength and to improve wear against typical road hazards. The fender design requires no center mounting bracket or bracing. This will allow your W.T.I. fenders to flex with the frame of teh truck reducing fender stress.

  • Gray Primer
  • The black and white gloss gel coat can be waxed and installed without painting. If your fenders need to be painted to match the color scheme of your truck we recommend painting the sandable, gray primer gel coat fenders. Your fenders cannot be painted before shipping, however, if you would like W.T.I. Custom Shop can paint and install your fenders in Kentland, IN. You will need to supply us with your color name, paint code and a deposit. The cost for painting sometimes varies with the color chosen. The W.T.I. fenders will be painted and ready to install when you come in for your installation appointment. Installation time is between 4 and 6 hours.

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  • Tubular steel with 1/4" wall
  • Flat plates 3/8" thick
  • Gusseted corners
  • Mitered cuts
  • Capped ends
  • Grade 8 & stainless bolts included
  • Built Tuff - Built to Last
  • Available for either Standard 52" or 54 " axle spacing.
  • Weight: 275 pounds per set (including brackets) (Approximate)

Complete step by step instructions (with pictures) are included with each kit. Please note that due to the variations in each truck, final installation requires drilling into the frame and welding.

No mud flaps are required on W.T.I. Fenders, however, mud flap brackets are included with all bracket kits. The mud flap brackets are welded onto the bottom of the rear fender bracket.

We offer technical support by phone at 219-474-6393 during regular business hours. Complete fender installation services are also available at our facility in Kentland, IN. Appointment required.

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Call for pricing & prices are subject to change - US Dollars
W.T.I. Full Fenders & Brackets
W.T.I. Full Fenders & Brackets 60" spread
Mud Flap Bracket
Paint brackets only (black)
Installation in Kentland, IN
Paint price varies by color
Recommended 5th Wheel Height for all W.T.I. Fenders
(measure from ground to top of fifth wheel)
This is the minimum height we recommend. This does not guarantee you will not hit the fenders with the trailer, but in our experience it has been sufficient. The higher the 5th wheel the better!
22.5 low pro tires 48"
22.5 standard tires 49"
24.5 low pro tires 49"
24.5 tall rubber 51"
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