Product #SF50W

W.T.I. Single Axle Fenders will look great on your spread axle trailer and other axle configurations. These fenders are hand fabricated with high quality fiberglass materiel for long lasting durability.

The side of this fender can be ordered so you show a lot of your tire or ordered so it covers half of your tire up. When the single fenders are mounted on a tandem axle truck they do require a center mounting bracket.

  • Gray Primer
  • The black and white gloss gel coat can be waxed and installed without painting. If you need to paint your fenders to match the color scheme of your truck we recommend painting the sandable, gray primer gel coat fenders. Your fenders cannot be painted before shipping, however, if you would like W.T.I. Custom Shop to install the fenders, we can have them painted at a professional body shop. You will need to supply us with your color name, paint code and a deposit. Please call for an estimate on painting and installation.

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Call for pricing & prices are subject to change - US Dollars
W.T.I. Single Axle Fenders without brackets
Single Axle Fenders with brackets on trailers
Single Axle Fenders with brackets
on tractors
Installation on Tractors
Installation on Trailers
Recommended 5th Wheel Height for all W.T.I. Fenders
(measure from ground to top of fifth wheel)
This is the minimum height we recommend. This does not guarantee you will not hit the fenders with the trailer, but in our experience it has been sufficient. The higher the 5th wheel the better!
22.5 low pro tires 48"
22.5 standard tires 49"
24.5 low pro tires 49"
24.5 tall rubber 51"
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